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Amazing Movement

Amazing Movement
@  Shirley Wellness Centre

I offer classes and private sessions using the Feldenkrais Method and many years of working with people in Fitness centres, schools, in the outdoors and private studios. I know that we all want to move with comfort and ease. We would all be happy to finish the day with energy to spare. 

Call in, try a class or  contact me  to find out more about how I can help you to enjoy moving at work and play

  • Awareness Through Movement lessons

  • Functional Integration sessions

  • Workshops with various movement and awareness themes

  • Classes designed for your group

  • Private movement lessons for your needs


Free Your Back

Explore how we relate to our  back or spine as we move

What is the relationship between our posture, our self image and our breathing.

2-5 pm

Sunday 22 November

The Studio @

Shirley Wellness Centre

9 Shirley Road  Christchurch

Feldenkrais Practioner

Resources - videos, stories, history

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"Without movement life is unthinkable"

Moshe Feldenkrais

Diane Sowerby

Feldenkrais Practioner


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