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Amazing Movement

Healthy Strong Bones

Great Posture

Better Balance 


Amazing Movement

I offer classes and private sessions using the Feldenkrais Method. 

Starting in a place  where you are comfortable.

learning about how your body responds to activity, rest, stress and relaxation.

Make Movement your Happy place and finish the day with energy to spare. 

Call in.

 Try a class for free.

Contact me  to find out more about how I can help you to enjoy moving at work and play

  • Awareness Through Movement lessons

  • Functional Integration sessions

  • Yoga

  • Fitness sessions

  • Childrens yoga or fitness sessions

  • Private movement lessons for your needs

  • Classes designed for you or your group

My main place of work is Shirley Wellness Centre
I have a lovely small studio and offer a variety of classes .
Awareness Through Movement classes. daytime and evening
Yoga . daytime and evening options
Personal training, private sessions and Functional Integration sessions available.
Classes and personal Training available here, at Concrete health and Fitness 325 Brougham street Christchurch

YOGA  6 am Wednesday morning
A "warm us up for the day" session about breath and balance. Stillness and flow combined to energize us for our day
Stretch and Flex  10.30 am Wednesday.
Improving range of movement, mobility , balance and co ordination. A relaxed class to unwind after workouts or get ready to start.

Personal Training is available on request. Gym sessions, yoga or Feldenkrais Method.

On Monday nights I teach at Governors bay Community Centre
6 pm Fitness
7 pm Yoga

Feldenkrais Practioner

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