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Heading 1

What are your movement goals for 2022?
  • More free time to wander
  • Stronger
  • better balance and co ordination
  • Playing more
  • exploring in the outdoors


Heading 1

Bones For Life
    a Workshop to develop

  • Strong healthy Bones

  • Posture and Breathing

  • Balance and mobility

bones 4 life posture walk.jpg
Bones for life was developed by Ruthy Alon , based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Bones For Life
10 am -3 pm   
2 hours of gentle movement and  discussion . 1 hour lunch and another 2 hours of moving
           Sunday 12 June
            Shirley Wellness Centre
             9 Shirley Road Christchurch NZ


Shirley Wellness Centre Classes

To book classes

Call or text: 027 608 6638


Awareness Through Movement          
Tuesday 11 am
Tuesday 5.30 pm
Gentle and fun.

Exploring possibilities in the way we move.


Tuesday 9.30 am

Tuesday 6.30 pm

Friday 9.30 am


Gentle class with a focus on balance and breath.

Postures in stillness and flowing from one to another.


Heading 1

                  Concrete Health and Fitness
             325 Brougham street Christchurch
                     book in 033322604

           6.00 am Wednesday
    Beginner- Intermediate
    Morning warm up and preparation for your day

                   Stretch and Flex
              10.30 am Wednesday
Balancing, stretching, co ordinating?? a bit of dancing... anything , so we leave  feeling flexible and joyful.
And more.....
Governors Bay Community Centre   

Jetty Road in Governors Bay       
         Community Fitness class            6 pm Monday night
         Community  Yoga class            7 pm Monday night
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