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Amazing Movement

Shirley Wellness Centre Ltd

9 Shirley Road



Wednesday 9.30-10.30 am:    Awareness through Movement® Moving better with age


Wednesday noon-12.30:        Core strength and balance

Wednesday 12.30-1 pm:         Mindful meditation    Easy movement with breath.


Thursday 5.30-6.30 pm           Awareness through Movement® Making the impossible possible.  (bending the barriers between what I can do, and what I would like to do)


Term 3 2020 is 10 weeks  

Starts July 20 and runs through Sept 25.

Not sure what class might suit you ? Phone text or email for more information


 Prices @ Amazing Movement

  • First class is free.

  • Packages are available for pre-booked classes and private sessions

  • Class times and themes designed to suit you and your group

Awareness through movement ®

  • 10 weeks prepay $150

  • 5 classes $80

  • Drop in $20

30 min classes

  • 10 weeks: $100

  • 5 weeks: $60

  • Drop in: $15


Private lessons: Functional Integration®

1 hour

  • A single lesson: $85 

  • Introduction package of 3 lessons: $180

  • 3 or more lessons: $75 each

30 minute lessons

  • A single lesson: $50

  • Intro package of 3 lessons:  $90

  • 3 or more lessons:  $45 each


Let your feet do the walking


  • Smoother gait

  • Better balance

  • Feel good feet

A workshop to increase your awareness of your feet and how they affect your walking.  Gentle movement lessons in lying, sitting and standing

2-5 pm

Sunday 13 September

The studio @ Shirley wellness centre

9 Shirley road



Enrolment and enquiries




Nourishment Through Movement  Sunday July 19  10am-4.30pm

Feldenkrais Method, Yoga and Cacao:  see  poster below

Sunday Afternoons   2-5 pm

Mindful Action in… exploring the movements relating to a sport or recreation.

Proposed Themes…


Sept 13          Biking

Nov 22          walking


Designed Classes:

I can design a series of classes for you; Kids/ sports groups/parent and child ….



“Make they impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant” M Feldenkrais

"Without movement life is unthinkable"

Moshe Feldenkrais

Diane Sowerby

Feldenkrais Practioner


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