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Amazing Movement

Shirley Wellness Centre Ltd

9 Shirley Road



Wednesday 9.30-10.30 am:    Awareness through Movement® Moving better with age


Wednesday noon-12.30:        Core strength and balance

Wednesday 12.30-1 pm:         Mindful meditation    Easy movement with breath.


Thursday 5.30-6.30 pm           Awareness through Movement® Making the impossible possible.  (bending the barriers between what I can do, and what I would like to do)


Term 3 2020 is 10 weeks  

Starts July 20 and runs through Sept 25.

Not sure what class might suit you ? Phone text or email for more information


 Prices @ Amazing Movement

  • First class is free.

  • Packages are available for pre-booked classes and private sessions

  • Class times and themes designed to suit you and your group

Awareness through movement ®

  • 10 weeks prepay $150

  • 5 classes $80

  • Drop in $20

30 min classes

  • 10 weeks: $100

  • 5 weeks: $60

  • Drop in: $15


Private lessons: Functional Integration®

1 hour

  • A single lesson: $85 

  • Introduction package of 3 lessons: $180

  • 3 or more lessons: $75 each

30 minute lessons

  • A single lesson: $50

  • Intro package of 3 lessons:  $90

  • 3 or more lessons:  $45 each


Free Your Back


  • How is my back the core of my actions

  • My spine's shape effects my posture and breathing!

  • Increase my range of movement

A workshop to explore  the  many movements of our spine.  Using awareness through movement lessons we will explore  our breathe, our postural habits and which parts of us work hard and the bits we ignore!

2-5 pm

Sunday 22 November

The studio @ Shirley Wellness Centre

9 Shirley road



Enrolment and enquiries





Designed Classes:

I can design a series of classes for you; Kids/ sports groups/parent and child ….



“Make they impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant” M Feldenkrais

"Without movement life is unthinkable"

Moshe Feldenkrais

Diane Sowerby

Feldenkrais Practioner


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