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Amber my daughter who was 18 months at the time and I first met Diane when a nurse suggested amber might benefit from Feldenkrais. My daughter was born with spina bifida and she has no movement below the knee and limited feeling in both legs and weakness in her bladder muscles. Diane totally stimulated Amber through play and exercises.

Not knowing anything about Feldinkris one explanation that stands out in my mind. was that we all get up off the ground probably two different ways but there is I think eight ways that you can. We had to figure out what Ambers's strengths, not her weakness were in her body and what way would be best for her to get herself up. May not be the most common way but there is always another way. . I liked that way of thinking and have continued to use that in every challenge Amber comes across.’ Ambers way’ we call it.
Diane's activities with Amber were things like getting her to help mop Di's kitchen floor with wet rags using her feet, Painting with her feet. Suggested drinking her drinks with a straw to help her contract her bladder muscles. Amber loved it, such stimulation though to her they were just playing and having fun. Especially when it was delivered with Diane's energy and vibrant manner. Amber nearly 5 now it doing wonderfully, her time with Diane was stimulating gave her confidence and encouragement not to be held back by her disability to find a way and give it a go, and for me to think outside the square, l concentrate on her strengths, not her weakness, look for that other way and encourage her to give it 100%.

Lisa Proudfoot

Diane, selects lessons for us based around our needs. She does the lessons herself before the class and she is well prepared to take the lesson and to share about it. She is cheerful and welcoming.


During the class she is very observant and encouraging but never pushy. If one of us is having difficulty with a movement she will see if there is another way the movement can be done and still stay true to the intended improvement in flexibility.   Paul Jenkins

I’ve attended several evening classes with Diane. The classes are always interesting, with Diane’s enthusiasm and patience being key. Feldenkrais exercises are very subtle, with small & steady improvements in flexibility and movement. The class we are doing at present is about bike riding and the other night’s lesson was about turning and looking safely behind. On the way home I practised turning & looking behind about 20 times in a far safer and easier way than previously. I’m looking forward to the next class.  Bruce White

I love Feldenkrais & I have been attending Diane Sowerby’s class for a few years now. I have found her to be a caring and great practitioner of Feldenkrais. She is clear in her teaching and thorough in her study of the method. Her enthusiasm & commitment has helped me to be more active in my daily life. I recommend Diane to anyone who wants to improve their fitness or needs to recover from injury. She is a dedicated teacher. 

Tiffany Thornley

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