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About me

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Hi, I am Diane, an enthusiastic outdoors person. I love to play in the Mountains, the water or around town.  Moving is what makes me happy and I want to share this passion with anyone else who wants to move with ease and pleasure. 

At 57, I am as fit, more flexible and recover from injury better than I was when I was younger - oh and I'm smarter!

Well, it’s true. In my 20’s I ran multi-sport races. Kayaked rivers and climbed mountains. It was great. But, I  was frequently injured. In my 30’s I wondered if by 50 I would still be able to work and play so I went searching for a sustainable way to care for myself.


I discovered The Feldenkrais Method ® through a 2-day workshop. Sold!

"I wanted what the trainer had." 

As a personal trainer, Aerobics Instructor and Physical Education teacher I had lead people through fun games and exercises to improve their fitness, sport proficiency and knowledge of their health.

This was different. I saw the potential and personal freedom that could be gained by really being aware of how we move, and therefore how we live.

The Functional Integration® lessons I received were totally mind-blowing. 

During one session I became aware of the posture I had been holding all my life. Releasing that stopped my constant back pain. 

Another lesson seemed subtle and I wasn’t sure, but over weeks and months the things said and the movements learned changed the way I respond to challenges and explore opportunities.

After a year of training, I had grown 5 mm…. when you are only 5 ft, that matters!

My actions are more fluid. There is less compulsion in my life.


Movement in all its forms continues to amaze me. So much to learn so much to explore. Come explore with me and discover that magic of Feldenkrais.

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